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Sit and Decompress – The Ultimate Back Stretcher / Lumbar Traction

By kevincooper July 23, 2017 ARTICLES

Sit and Decompress – The Ultimate Back Stretcher / Lumbar Traction – Increase your disc space by 20% instantly while in use.

About the product

Spinal Decompression in the comfort of your home. 20-25% Increase in Disc Space with X-ray Evidence. After selling thousands of harnesses and listening we have found that wrapping a towel around your ribs then wrapping the harness around can help with accommodating different size and shaped people.
Back Pain Relief.

Sit and Decompress can virtually help all low back injuries and condtions.
Improve your back range of motion. Decreases back stiffness. The best treatment for back arthritis.
60 Day Money Back Guarantee. Designed with simplicity in mind. We recommend you use a door way chin up bar. Using the chin up bar makes it easy to set up and put away while not in use

Made In Ohio – We have X-ray proof of a 20-25% increase in disc space instantly while using Sit and Decompress. X-rays were taken before starting treatment and during treatment. All discs showed a 20% increase in disc space with a couple discs showing 25% increase is space.

This is an industry first study proving decompression therapy to the spine works and a measurable amount of disc space improvement. Sit and Decompress Therapy is the only to have real time x-ray proof.

Product description

Size:SMALL Harness (Fits 32-36 inch chest)
60 Day Money Back Guarantee If you have any of the following back conditions Sit and Decompress can help *Low Back Pain *Sciatica *Scoliosis * Degenerative Disc Disease *Disc Bulge * Disc Herniation * Uneven Pelvis *Spinal Stenosis *Shrinking in height How Sit and Decompress works –

Low back pain is actually very simple to treat with Sit and Decompress. Gravity squeezes us down to the earth everyday and if you have an injury that injury may never have a good opportunity to heal because of this constant pressure.

A good example to illustrate this is, A garden hose that has water flowing thru it undisturbed, then you drive over the garden hose with your car. What happens to the water flow? It slow down. Right? It may even stop if you are on it long enough.

So in order to get the water flowing again you must remove the obstacles(pressure). Well your spine condition is the same as the garden hose. If continued pressure is left on it the flow of nutrients and healthy blood can not heal the tissue. You must remove the obstacle (pressure).


If this goes on for any length of time you will develop chronic low back pain. Do not let this happen. Decompressing the spine is taking pressure off of the spine and the injured tissue. This will allow your injured back to heal much more quickly. (garden hose/car tire) Once that pressure is reduced or relieved, your back injury either chronic or acute may heal and you become virtually pain free. To see a demo visit our website.


Can you hang without feet touching the floor? The pics do not show that as an option.


Hanging with your feet not touching the floor actually does not work in getting your back to decompress and stretch. By lifting your legs, you engage the core muscles of the back and abdomen not allowing your back to stretch.

The muscles act like splints holding your spine in its normal posture.
By leaving your feet on the ground and using the different stances you can actually focus your stretch depending o

n which stance you are in. Use your feet for stability and to gently rock in flexion stance.
It is a very very powerful stretch when you let gravity due its job. It may take a couple time for your body to completely relax. (This is something new and your body doesn’t know what to expect, this is normal)
Start with 3-5 minutes a day…that’s it.

Then after a week or so increase to 10 minutes going thru the different stances. Once you get up to 10 minutes you will notice some differences in how you feel and move.
Thanks for the question. Dr Josh see less
By Dr Dorsey Brands


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